Saturday, March 21

大きくなってきたウィリー/bigger willie

Finally he is getting bigger. His ball's are big and mark everywhere when we walk.
But he is still my little baby. we'll cut his ball soon.


Wednesday, November 19

I'm just so in love

Tommy thinks he looks like a bat

He always wants to touch me even when he is sleeping.

see how little he is.

willie bark

He can't bark well yet. so cute...

Friday, November 14

my new baby

I love him. even he is running around with shoe right now.
Tommy want to name him MIlton. My choice is Willie or Koji.

dinner one day

Saturday, September 27

紫蘇、 Shiso, Japanese mint

I love love love this plant! finally started to grow! can't wait to eat it.

Saturday, September 13

in my class

line project excursus.


Saturday, July 19

my first review

"artist's Disney land" Do you remember this isabel?

Saturday, July 5


june-hospital visits and mangos.